Monday, July 28, 2008

Back to college

College finally begins and as usual the controversies refuse to die down. We have just had a fake admission in the Christian quota which has already come under the scanner. The college has still not held a service for VC, quite understandable considering our pro tem administrator is busy sorting the mess created during the holidays. It was also for the first time one sees a talk being held by one of the most respected societies of the college being cancelled on trivial issues such as there being no staff advisor when everybody knows it is the duty of the administration to appoint one. Another reason why the talk on youth and politics was cancelled because or authorities considered one of the speaker to be anti- much for free speech which college always harps on.
College too sees its own share of elections coming up and what is frightening is to see the cult of the individual taking over the college. Notices now bear huge signatures and the announcement part is minimal...a pity but true. What is now awaited are the results and one hopes we all do well. College History society is going to Rajasthan for a trip and we are all working towards having a good trip.

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